Parents often think about what to feed their babies once they are 6 months old and they want to provide the best food product for their baby. There are many companies who provide these products that are authentic minus chemicals or anything that can harm the baby. You can buy baby cereal online from or other similar places who sell the best food products for your baby.

To understand which cereals are good for babies we need to look deeper intro the history of baby cereals.

From the late 1800s to the early 1900s, manufacturers and paediatricians worked on the development of formulas for infants that provide adequate nutrition for babies. Traditionally, this formulation was based on evaporated milk diluted with cream and/or added sugar to bring the protein/fat/sugar content closer to that of breast milk. At that time, no one was thinking about the vitamins and minerals in baby food and breast milk.

By 1915, virtually all milk (including condensed milk) was pasteurized. This process killed the bacteria and kept the milk fresh for longer, but it also destroyed the vitamins in the milk. As a result, infants who were just raised in bottles often developed rickets and other malnutrition. They needed some kind of compliment.

In 1938, three Canadian paediatricians developed an infant formula called Pabulum. This formula contained finely grounded wheat, oats, corn, iron, bone meal, and alfalfa leaves. It was like a powdered infant multivitamin. Pablum made a big difference in infant health and made great strides in infant health. The baby thrived on infant formula and pabram.


But since then, the formula has improved significantly to include essential vitamins and minerals. And today, far more babies are breastfeeding than they were then (less than 30% of mothers started breastfeeding in 1965). You no longer need baby cereals for vitamins and minerals.

There is an often common misconception that rice cereals help your baby sleep longer but the fact is that the CDC specifically states that adding porridge can prevent a child from sleeping all night and cause choking. And many parents complain that when their child is only a few months old, adding (or spooning) rice grains to the bottle actually worsens sleep.

This is because the baby is not ready to eat and digest solid foods until he is able to sit on his own (about 6 months old).

The danger of rice grains

Nowadays, parents are often told to choose iron-enriched single-grain cereals for their baby’s first meal. And rice with low allergen content is a very common choice. Rice is often very high in arsenic. According to WHO, arsenic occurs naturally in soil and water. For this reason, arsenic can also invade crops grown in contaminated areas.

Arsenic has many adverse health effects. It damages the immune system and increases the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Arsenic is also carcinogenic. Anything we can do to prevent children from being exposed to arsenic is fine.

 Rice is the worst crop of arsenic pollution. The most important factor is that rice is cultivated in paddy fields. All that extra water allows the rice to absorb the extra arsenic (and rice is unique in that it absorbs arsenic really well).

Other cereals those are healthy for your baby:

There are many alternatives to rice that can help you reach your personal health goals, or simply add variety to your diet.

Quinoa is an excellent option for high protein without gluten. The other cereals are barley, oats, freekeh, Bulgar rice, farro, and whole wheat orzo

Vegetables such as cauliflower rice, broccoli rice, and chopped cabbage are nutrient-rich, low-calorie, low-carbohydrate alternatives.

In addition, many whole grain options, including burger, freekeh, and barley, can add a nutty rustic flavor and crunchy texture to your dishes.

Next, if you want to save your rice and replace it with something else, try one of the many nutritious and diverse options listed above. They are all approved baby cereals and you can buy baby cereal online from a trusted website or a company that sells these items.

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