Memory problems and forgetfulness is a common disease of the seniors.

For every 5 Senior above 70 years, there’s a tendency of dementia in one aged person.

It can be frustrating, and while it can not be totally reversed, you can manage this aged illness properly.

How can memory loss be prevented?

There are several ways to prevent age-related diseases such as memory loss, and these preventive measures can already be integrated into everyday life as a young person.

This means your lifestyle in young age can affect your old age, therefore, the earlier you manage your health, the better.

 These are primarily a healthy lifestyle, plenty of exercise, mindfulness of yourself and a balanced diet, Chaktty said.

 This prevents many risks of having to suffer from an old age disease, including memory loss.

Treatment of aged illnesses

Most diseases of old age cannot be completely cured once they have occurred.

This means that follow-up care cannot aim to prevent it from reoccurring, according to healthpally.

Dementia, Parkinson’s, presbycusis, Alzheimer’s and others are constantly evolving.

 Doctors can only try to stop complications and support those affected in their everyday lives. 

A loss of quality of life is inevitable.

Within aftercare, many departments work closely together. Depending on the severity, doctors prescribe outpatient therapies and medication.

 Sometimes, rehabilitation is prescribed. Homeopathy offers a number of interesting holistic approaches. 

Every patient controls the success of a treatment from an early age. Because a balanced diet and constant physical activity reduce the risk of suffering from ailments in old age.

 To avoid difficulties, the children and close relatives are also needed.

You can reduce the mental effects of age-related diseases through mental training and joint activities, healthpally experts said.

Medicine has many suitable aids such as hearing aids available to combat physical symptoms. 

In diagnostics, doctors fall back on observations of the patients and ask people close to them. 

Mental tests, blood tests, X-rays, and others can verify complaints that have been made. Nursing services help seniors in everyday life.

You can do that yourself

Older people often cannot access social networks such as family or neighborhood.

Community self-help is particularly recommended against helplessness coupled with loneliness: 

Those affected can exchange ideas in groups with like-minded people. This form of social community is beneficial even in the case of chronic illnesses.

In the case of diet-related diseases of old age, a change in diet alleviates the symptoms.

In serious cases, a diet that is precisely tailored to the clinical picture helps.

In the case of malnutrition , varied, balanced meals can help.

Dietary supplements and liquid food help to cover the increased need. Health food stores, drugstores and pharmacies stock a large range and offer competent advice.

A food  diary provides an overview of the type, amount and time of meals.

A healthy, active lifestyle curbs many diseases of old age: avoiding alcohol and tobacco products, eating appropriately , paying attention to drinking enough fluids and regular physical and mental activity improve the overall condition.

 In addition to fitness and coordination training for seniors, there is also so-called “brain jogging” (Sudokus, picture puzzles, quizzes). It playfully promotes memory and thinking skills.


In general, if in doubt, consult a doctor or therapist. A serious illness can hide behind a supposedly natural aging boost. 

The earlier a patient undergoes treatment, the greater the chance of success

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